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*The questions posted on the blog are like Real GMAT questions but not exactly the same. Most of them are collected from the internet.

Monday, January 02, 2006

More Quant and some verbal which i remember

Hi ,

i can recall some of the question . Since i spent a considerable time in solving them .
May be u will find them useful

Iam also uploading Idioms document , which i found very useful while preparing for the
test .They can be real handy in the SC . if u need to score above the magical 700, then surely u shd remember most of the idioms . Most important is they save the time in your test , if u correctly identify the fault in the SC , so that u can give more time in CR ....

All the best . God Bless .

Saturday, December 31, 2005

GMAT Question...close to the real test

A business school club, Friends of Foam, is throwing a party at a local bar. Of the business school students at the bar, 40% are first year students and 60% are second year students. Of the first year students, 40% are drinking beer, 40% are drinking mixed drinks, and 20% are drinking both. Of the second year students, 30% are drinking beer, 30% are drinking mixed drinks, and 20% are drinking both. A business school student is chosen at random. If the student is drinking beer, what is the probability that he or she is also drinking mixed drinks?

A. 2/5B. 4/7C. 10/17D. 7/24E. 7/10

This kind of question you will encounter if you are scoring above 49 in try it out and post your results in the comments section......More questions to follow.....


All the best. God Bless.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I am from the most difficult pool of the selection . Indian , IT male :-)

Now in my case I didn't knew what kind of material should not be touched like the Arco(maths section really sucks !! , though this is my personal opinion ) .and then in search of TRUTH , I went through so many Chinese/Korean sites that I nearly wasted one month without getting any useful material

Inorder that any newbie should not waste lot of time on material section , i have started the blog .

My Score break up is (Q51 , V49) - 790. AWA score still to come...

AWA : -

This went smooth … For this I prepared one sample template and read some of the sample essays on the net .. I have been prolific writer through out my school days . So this section was not the one for which I was worried most .

In case of the analysis of the argument , I had a considerable preparation while solving the CR section . The most important thing here is the analysis of the CR which u do wrong , slowly I developed an instinct to mark the right answer .

Issue was something about the old buildings replaced with the new one , so wrote as much as possible in first 20 min and then edited for next ten minutes.

The most important aspect here is to present your ideas in a structured way.

Quanta :

This was my strong section , but used to make couple of silly mistake in the practice test … In the last month totally focused on the silly mistakes . Like the Number problem ,so always used to put -2,-2.2, -1 , 0 , 1,1.1,3 (negative , zero , positive , decimal number) … major problem was DS , figured out some ways to pin it down ( but I think I didn't nail it down properly ) .. like always try to negate the option a and B given (DS what I think requires some good amount of analysis .. so whenever u got something wrong ,carefully analyse it ….

Rest nothing too special abt the test day …..Question where quite average Got couple of Combination problem but they were not very difficult ……..also I didn't got any Statistic question , but two DS were quite tricky one …. One thing I would suggest here is don't go for some trash material ( like the ARCO and some below standard material available on site ) .I wasted lot of my time on this . best is to prepare with the OG and then PR – Hard Bin is also good , though I tried only first set . The various GMAT Real Question Tests are also very near to the questions you will get on the test. You can download them from this blog.

Verbal :

Now this was the area which I knew if I did properly , my score will have big boost ….so in the test preparation ….Dedicated almost all the time for the Sentence correction . RC and CR were my strong points .

I made OG as my bible and went thoroughly with all the explainations on it … Practised some of the 1000Sc too …….

Over all on the test day I got some 5 passages in all .. That made me easy because I was knowing more the passage I solve , better score I will get .. The best part was that I didn't had any Bold face Cr's and the Sentence correction were also not very tough ……Again the GMAT Real Question Tests have very good verbal questions for practise. So make sure to do every question meticulously.

In Sum, a nice experience ..If u have any specific question on my test day . please shoot .. I remember quite a few question of my test day .. I will upload them as soon as I get them in order .

All the best. God Bless.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hi GMATters

This blog is for helping all people who are studying for GMAT. I scored a whopping 790 in my test and while preparing for the test i found that most of the crucial time is spent in looking out for good material and finalizing a strategy. I have spent good amount of time in integrating the materials i found on internet and besides that i have also prepared lot of my own stuff .You can find all the common material like Princenton Review , kaplan, Arco , Sets and also the JJ(people call them as the real test question, collected from various chinese and korean sites ) at this blog .

I have also seen that there is quite an anxiety over the strategy of the GMAT in new-year ,i.e whether the pattern will change or not ? . i am finalising the stategy on this and as soon as i do that , i will post on my blog ..

In addition to this if you are finding difficult to make a strategy for your preparation , then i will help you in this .Since i love this part of the test . You can query me any time for the difficulty you are facing while preparing for Gmat ,and a comprehensive solution will be ready from my side within a day .